Below you will find answers to the most common questions regarding our wedding photography. If you have questions that are not answered here or would like more information, please use the contact form on this page. We will prompty reply and if your question will benefit others, we may include it in our FAQ below.
The number of photographs we take will depend on the specific Wedding Service package you select, how many additional events are included (such as bridal showers, parties, etc.) and the number of guests and family members present. We will make sure we capture all aspects of your wedding event including formal photographs, candids, the ceremony and all the conventional shots such as cake cutting and toasting. You can expect a minimum of 350 - 400 quality images from which to choose. For some large weddings, we have sometimes taken 1500 or more but we feel that quality is better than quantity. You can be assured that we always take extra photos of each pose or scene in case the subject has eyes closed or a less than perfect expression so that we can present you with several to choose from.

No, we never require or even ask clients to "pre" purchase albums or prints. There is no benefit for either the client or the photographer to do so. Prints, photo memorabilia, albums and coffee table books are custom created, one at a time and as they are completely different revenue types, adding anything (products to the service order) would not yield any discount to either the photo service fees or the printed products.

More importantly, we do not want to put pressure on our clients to pre-purchase albums, coffee table books or packages of prints prior to the wedding. They have enough to worry about and experience has taught us that 9 times out of 10, had we worked up some type of package included with the service fees, they would change their mind and want something different anyway. With all the print sizes, paper finishes, album covers, inserts and page types along with coffee table books with different height to width aspect ratios on the pages, paper types, hard and soft covers and jackets, it is just not prudent to configure these before the couple has even seen the images.

This is why we never include any products when we quote a job. We know the quality of our work will sell itself and whether the couple chooses 10 or 100 images that are special to them, we can then help them decide after the wedding on the type of product to best display their special day.

We have fully transitioned to digital technology as it allows us to achieve the same quality as film without many of the limitations film had. (for example, with digital, we will never miss that perfect shot because we had to stop and reload film or change film backs.)
Yes, we can produce B&W for any of our imaging products. Our techniques even allow us to mimic specific B&W films to make reproductions that are indistinguishable from prints made directly from B&W film negatives. We will typically choose several poses and create previews in both color and B&W to show you what to expect from our B&W post-processing. Should you have several poses of your own choice you would like to see in B&W, just let us know and we will create them and upload them to a gallery at no additional charge for you to view. Our galleries do have an option to order any regular print in a standard B&W tone but we suggest that you contact us first so we can determine what B&W process will fit your specific desires. We can create B&W in sepia tone, selenium, blue, gold and numerous other toning processes.
All our wedding photography services include both myself and my wife, of which we have over 70 years of combined wedding photography experience. Having 2 photographers allows us to both photograph at 2 places (at the same time) such as when both the bride and groom are getting dressed and for the rest of your wedding event, allows us to capture moments from more then one direction, or vantage point.
We use online galleries exclusively to display our photography for weddings and all other types of photography service we provide. Online galleries will allow all your family and friends to see photos of your wedding whether they live in your home town or on the other side of the world. All that is required is a computer connected to the Internet with virtually any browser. Proof books were clumsy at best - usually, anyone wishing to view the proofs would have to visit the photographers studio. Some photographers would create a book with photos stamped as "Preview" and after paying a deposit, the couple could take the book out of the studio and pass it among family, which made it difficult for anyone other than those living close to the couple to see them. If family lived in another town or state, the only way for them to see the photos was to either travel a long distance or the book could be shipped which because of the time and expense, made it impractical and still meant that most of the guests would never see the photographs.
Our current policy is to keep them online indefinitely. We have all our film negatives going back over 3 decades, which are stored in a climate controlled environment, available should our clients want additional reproductions and we have a firm commitment to do the same for our digital masters. Although it would be impossible for us (or any business) to guarantee our photos will be online forever, we have policies in place that should our business change ownership for any reason (such as the death of the principals), the resulting entity will either keep this same policy of keeping them available and if not, to relinquish them to the original client or heirs thereof. This is why it is important to keep your profile with us up to date and to notify us of any changes such as your address or telephone number. Should the aforementioned occur, if we cannot contact you then and only then could your images be unaccessible.
From any of our galleries, click on a thumbnail image and look for the "Buy" link  in the upper right hand corner of your browser. From there, you can either choose a specific product now or simply add it to your cart and select print options later.